MIzzou Details

E Group, Mizzou Athletics, and Ticketmaster partner together to launch an interactive Donor Rank platform. Utilizing Ticketmaster’s purchase database and eFan™ Loyalty Platform, the Donor Rank platform showcases:

  • Personalized donation experience
  • Interactive calculator for both renewing and prospective donors
  • The calculator’s algorithm encompasses donor tenure, donation Giving Level, previous point balance and projected point earnings
  • Educates and simplifies the ranking and benefits structure
  • Reinforces donation decisions and inspires growth of annual giving amounts

“We wanted to show our donors how their donations impact their ranking and benefits. One of the key elements for this program to be successful is that E Group and Ticketmaster needed to integrate data so that the program is seamless and our donor calculation is as close to real-time as possible.” – TJ Leon, Assistant Athletic Director for Mizzou Athletics

The Donor Rank platform drives engagement and harvests the natural competition between donors, which drives incremental lift in donations all year round. Donors access their personalized calculator to determine how different pledge amounts affect their rank. As more gifts are received throughout the year, donors can see how their rank has been impacted.